WOW Your Friends This Weekend By Nailing The Tiger "Stinger" Off The Tee (Be Careful With The Technique!)

[Ridiculous Offer Incoming...]

Complimentary Assessment In My Tullamore Studio (For Midlands Golfers)

No, I’m not losing it.

Because it’s British Open week, I’ve opened up 4 Complimentary Assessments for next week.

I offered this originally only for the month of June, and I left it at that.

Until now.

Because so many people took it up in June,  around 40% of them went on to get more lessons.


Not that I’m super special or anything…

But I’m able to tell you exactly what the cause of your bad shots are, and what you need to do.

Why now?

I have been flat out playing tournaments abroad so I am only getting around to sharing this now.

So if you want one of the 4 complimentary assessments, just fill out the form below (first come first served) and I’ll get back to you with a time.


P.S. I will try to carve out a few more times in the coming months, but between tournament season at its peak AND being fully booked until September (thankfully), it is unlikely that I will have any more spaces – but you never know. Fill out the form below if you want one of the 4 I set aside for next week.

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