How To Avoid The Crippling Feeling Of Terrible Shots Under Pressure (Why Using The Range Like Everyone Else Doesn't Help)

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Complimentary Assessment In My Tullamore Studio (For Midlands Golfers)

It’s a simple offer.

No risk, no cost.

Why then?

Well look, I’m going to be honest with you.

This is my passion, I love the game.

The more golfers I can help enjoy the game as much as I do, that’s what fulfills me!

This offer is strictly for 6 people (30 mins each).

The way it will work:

(1) You book your assessment

(2) I give you one of the available times

(3) I will dissect your swing and show you what is going wrong

(4) I will offer you a strategy to help you stop hitting bad shots and finally improve your game to where it should be,

Sound simple?

Great. All you need to do is book here at the link below (first come first served).

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