The 4 Surprising Things You Need To Know Before Even Attempting To Learn Golf

Surprising Fact #1: Learn On The Course!

Despite what a lot of people think, the best place to learn golf is actually on the golf course.

Most aspiring golfers are told they need to get lessons on the driving range before they even attempt to go out onto the “daunting” golf course.

This couldn’t be further from the truth!

There are now programs available that allow you start playing on the course day one and get you familiar with the game within the first 20 minutes.

Surprising Fact #2: Don't Buy Clubs!

You don’t need to invest loads of money into expensive golf equipment before you even try golf.

Most golf coaches running the Operation 36 program have many spare sets of clubs for you to use when you’re on the course.

This saves the worry of wasting money on sports equipment that you may not even use if you end up not liking the game. You can always buy a set of clubs after a few weeks if you feel it’s something you’d like to keep up!

Surprising Fact #3: You Don't Need To Be Strong!

Golf is ultimately a game of pure skill.

While all the focus in the golf media is to “hit the ball further”, most of the all time greats never actually hit it that far.

Majority of golf is played on or around the greens (the really short grass with the hole the ball goes in to) – so this is where the best players spend most of their time practicing and get the most reward from!

Surprising Fact #4: Poor Practice Is Useless

A lot of people say “You have to spend hours practicing golf to be able to play it well”

While practice (as with everything) will ultimately make you better – you don’t need to spend hours practicing golf to be able to enjoy it and play well.

Most people spend hours practicing poorly – with no objective or goal in mind, more so “let’s hit a bucket of balls”.

You can avoid this by having a simple structured progression given to you to work on when you get a chance during your free time.

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Feel 100% Confident In The Golf Basics After My 4hr Bootcamp Or I Work For Free

This bootcamp is called the “New Golfer Bootcamp”. 

It is completely different than how you would normally associate learning golf. 

Instead of hitting a bucket of balls in a range, or standing outside watching someone show you the technique – you start on the golf course. From day one.

Golf professionals have used this “New Golfer Bootcamp” structure in over 565 different locations, on over 65,000 people who were new to golf. 

From all of the people who participated in the bootcamp, these golf professionals have found that the original barriers of difficulty and time stress were completely eliminated in the majority of new golfers. And what’s even better…

This is available right now on your doorstep with a local golf professional in Tullamore.

(That’s me above in the photo)

I have just started the “New Golfer Bootcamp” here at Esker Hills Golf Club. All you need to do is click the button below to discover the simple structure of the bootcamp and how you can sign up.

See you there.

Brian McCormack

P.S. I have helped 100’s of new golfers exactly like you to learn the game without the use of complicated golf terms or techniques.

You can finally learn how to play golf by actually playing 9 holes with a group supervised by me, where you will receive a certificate of completion – as well as a bunch of extra resources on the day.

P.P.S. A lot of golf coaches would think I’m crazy to offer such a guarantee, but I’m so confident this will help you – I’m willing to offer that if you don’t feel 100% confident in the golf basics after my 4hr bootcamp, you get your money back – no questions asked. Click the button below to reserve your place for the upcoming bootcamp.

The New Golfer Bootcamp At Esker Hills

4hrs On Course Group Bootcamp

🔴 Long game (Driving and irons) – 1 Hour
🔴 Short game (Pitching from within 120 yards) – 1 Hour
🔴 Putting (On the green) – 1 Hour
🔴 Golf Psychology (Build a strong foundation of the mental aspect of golf) – 45 Mins

**Feel 100% Confident In The Golf Basics After My 4hr Bootcamp Or I Work For Free**

€80 total (Normally €320 for 4hrs)

My clients used to be in the same boat...

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